Reasons to travel with Greyhound to your next holiday destination

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We love the holiday season, transporting excited passengers to exciting holiday destinations, Durban… Cape Town… We know taking a Greyhound bus to your holiday destination is a brilliant idea, but do you? Let us elaborate.


If you’re planning on going on holiday, chances are, the destination will be quite far from your home and that requires you to travel long distances. Greyhound offers premium luxury on the coaches with reclining seats that allows passengers to enjoy the journey together.


Our drivers are all professionally trained and go on refresher courses on a regular basis. Everyone in South Africa knows that the roads during the festive season is quite perilous. Greyhound takes the safety of passengers to heart and therefore make use of state-of-the-art drive cam technology to track driving with a 24hr tracking department to add an extra measure of peace to your journey.

Spend more time together

Some wise person somewhere once said that it’s not about the destination so much as it’s about the journey. You can hardly enjoy the journey if you’re the one driving and trying to keep passengers safe thoughout the trip. If everyone takes the bus, everyone can spend some quality time together and perhaps take some photos of the scenery and memorable selfies.

Entertainment to keep the entire family happy

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Parents, we are certain you’ve at least once heard this chant while driving to your holiday destination. Well, Greyhound’s on board entertainment system, Moves on the Move, allows passengers to stream any one of 50 movie titles using their mobile devices. This will keep everyone in the family occupied and entertained throughout the long trip.

It’s affordable

Last year, we’ve compared Greyhound bus ticket prices to fuel prices. While these prices aren’t applicable today, we still invite you to have a look for some interesting insights. Taking the bus to your holiday destination turns out to be a lot more affordable than having to drive yourself and the benefits of booking a Greyhound bus ticket are legion.

Are you ready to go on holiday now? We sure are ready to take you where you need to be in comfort and style! Book your ticket online or contact our customer care department on 011 611 8000 | 087 352 0352 to book your tickets.

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