Reasons why you should join Greyhound’s Loyalty Club

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1. You get the chance to travel for free!
Every point you earn goes towards the possibility of your next ticket being free. Who doesn’t like free things? We do.

2. It’s easy to join
Joining our loyalty club is as easy as one-two-free, see what we did there? You can just sign up on our website or phone our customer care department for assistance.

3. You don’t have to work for the points
The longer you travel, the more points you earn. It’s as simple as that. Book your ticket and wham-bam the points are collected to your account.

4. Sharing is caring
Perhaps you don’t need to use your free ticket after you’ve redeemed it. No problem. You can just book your free ticket for a family member or a friend. You do have to redeem the ticket yourself though.

5. You gain access to the Get-a-round Club
Greyhound’s Get-a-round Club is a service to you, being a valued passenger, so therefore you can contact the customer care department with any enquiry or information you require.

How does it work?

Sign up to join either online or phone our customer care department and request someone send a membership form to you.

Be sure to receive your Loyalty Number and hold onto that as well as your ID, you need both of these things to redeem points.

When you make your booking, just inform the clerk that you are a Loyalty member and the points will be added to your account.

Sit back, travel in luxury and wait as you accumulate points.

How much are the points worth?

Allocation of points:


R 0 – R 49 10

R 50 – R 99 20

R 100 – R 149 30

R 150 – R 199 40

R 200 – R 249 50

R 250 – R 299 60

R 300 – R 349 70

R 350 – R 399 80

R 400 – R 449 90

R 450 – R 499 100

R 500 – R Plus 110

Value of points:


250 points 1 Free ticket worth up to R 199.00

400 points 1 Free ticket worth up to R 399.00

800 points 1 Free ticket worth up to R 599.00

1,200 points Free ticket worth up to R 799.00

1,600 points 1 Free ticket worth up to R 999.00

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