Travel to Kimberley for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

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Travel to Kimberley with Greyhound and begin your journey to a fun-filled romantic getaway!

Kimberley is a charming town and the perfect getaway to spend a romantic weekend away for Valentine’s Day! Filled with attractions, hotels and restaurants that will delight your significant other, travel to Kimberley with Greyhound and begin your journey to a fun-filled romantic getaway! If you still haven’t recovered financially from the December/January stretch then there are loads of fun things you two can do without spending big.

Travel to Kimberley and take a selfie with a ghost this Valentine’s Day

Perhaps you little lovebirds are looking for something a little more adventurous and thrilling to do. Gather your ghost-busting skills and go on a tour to explore the spookiest parts of Kimberley. According to legend, ghosts still roam the streets of Kimberley at night.

Kimberley’s ghost tours are renowned for the number and variety of their resident spirits. Many apparitions haunt some of the old mining town’s most historic houses and monuments. While not for the faint-hearted, it is sure to get you and your partner holding onto each other, so why not take the plunge into the supernatural world together on one of Kimberley’s famous ghost tours?

Travel to Kimberley for a Romantic Valentine's Day

Gentlemen, this is your best chance to be her knight in shining armour every time she turns to you when scared. That is, if you can handle it.

Go to the William Humphreys Art Gallery

Show him or her your cultured side and go on a tour through the William Humphreys Art Gallery. Considered one of the finest art museums in South Africa, it is a national heritage entity funded directly by Government. The gallery currently houses around 247 artworks in different styles such as French, Flemish and Dutch although the theme is mostly centred around Southern African Art and exhibitions.

The entrance only costs R5 although the price is subject to change due to changing economical circumstances.

Travel to Kimberley for a Romantic Valentine's Day

Kamfers Dam

So maybe the gallery isn’t for you. Consider a trip to the Kamfers Dam. We admit, this dam is approximately six kilometres outside of Kimberly but it is well worth the visit.

The Kamfers Dam supports the largest Lesser flamingo breeding colony in Southern Africa. Think along the lines of between 60 000 and 80 000 Lesser flamingos living here. It is the perfect pink valentine’s setting for a picnic.

Travel to Kimberley for a Romantic Valentine's Day

Travel to Kmberley and explore the sites on a Vintage Tram

Cuddle beside one another on the vintage tram that rides around the Big Hole. It is one of the better ways to experience Kimberley.

Fortune seekers used this railway line and tram to reach Kimberley in 1897. The tram heads from the museum past historical features such as the original mining shaft and the authentic West End bar, round the Big Hole to the viewing deck where visitors have a visceral view into it, and also passes some of Kimberley’s most historic sites such as the Head Office of the De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd and the original Big Hole mine dumps. A ride on this charming tram will cost you R20 for a 20 minute ride. Again, prices are subject to change.

Travel to Kimberley for a Romantic Valentine's Day

Escape the city life at the Mokala National Park

Couples living in the city are often interrupted by work and the noise of their daily lives. A trip to this stunning National Park will encourage peace and relaxation. Reconnect with one another as you both go in search of wildlife such as Buffalo, a variety bucks and Black and White Rhinos.

Travel to Kimberley for a Romantic Valentine's Day

The park is 80 kilometres south-west of the city and made up of Savanna Biome and Nama-Karoo Biome. Pack a nice picnic basket and marvel at the glorious sunset or book yourselves into a romantic lodge for an evening or two.

The best way to surprise that special someone in your life is by booking two Greyhound tickets to Kimberly. Click here to view the time tables and to book your tickets for a Valentine’s Day weekend you will never forget!








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