Rumors and Facts about the iPhone 5

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Rumors and  Facts about the iPhone 5
Over the past few years, a lot of companies have become less and less consistent in their releases, with some of them falling completely under the bus when it comes to giving consumers what they want. What they want is really the ability to rely on their devices wherever they are, whether its on a bus, train or airplane.
The way we keep ourselves entertained now is drastically different from how we did it twenty years ago. Even the way we travel is different. A few of the companies that have been at the forefront of this technological change are now seen as the regular few. Your Google, Apple, and Microsoft. And in the middle of all of this change, there are always rumors and ideas that float around, especially so close to product launches, and even more so before what has been called the most important launch in Apple’s history.
Apple Inc. have announced an event for September 12th, which is said to be the date for the expected iPhone 5 announcement, and while Apple has never been a company that lets anyone know what they’re doing beforehand, the rumors have started taking shape, and usually have at least some grounding in the truth. Here are some of the most common rumors that are making their rounds ahead of the iPhone 5 launch:
1. Thinner Screen, Higher Definition –  Some of the patents that have been filed on behalf of Apple over the past year have hinted towards having a thinner device with a screen around half an inch (1.8 cm) bigger. This may not seem like a massive growth in screen size but on a thinner device with higher resolution, it will make all the difference.
2. NFC Chip – The Near Field Communication chip is not the newest technology, but has only recently been added to possible features in smartphone technology. With this chip installed, users will be able to scan their smartphones at any pay point that takes credit or debit cards, which means that payments are easier and bank accounts can be managed from your phone. Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 6 also features a virtual wallet for coupons and discount tags, which may be the first step towards integrating this technology. However, there is no indication as to whether it the NFC will be available for this release or the next.
3. Smaller Charger dock – Some of the rumors, leaked design prints and images have showed a significantly smaller charging dock. Apple’s current 30-pin dock has been used in all product ranges since the iPod Nano. Some experts say that it is about time for a change, and this will most likely happen in the form of a much smaller 9-pin dock. However, this means that any accessories and chargers bought prior to the iPhone 5 will either be incompatible or will need some kind of extra adapter to work.
4. Nano SIM Card – Because of the thinner insides, Apple may be considering converting to an even smaller SIM card than the Micro SIM that has been used by past models. The New Nano SIM’s are half the size of the Micro, and could free up a lot of internal space for more important hardware.
5. LTE Network – Apple will have to switch over to the newly rolled out LTE networks that have faster speeds than 3G and are more stable. LTE speeds are able to reach almost 20MB/S, and will be the mobile data choice of the future. 3G has already been made secondary by most new Android/Samsung Galaxy models. And we all know that Apple is not one to be outplayed like that.
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