We say Yes to Luggage Safety at Greyhound & Citiliner!!

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We say Yes to Luggage Safety!!

Luggage safety while waiting for your trip
Travelling by bus can be the most enjoyable and comfortable experience, especially when with family or going to see family.

The last thing you want is to have to worry about your luggage being misplaced or upon arrival discover it missing.  Luckily, you have us in your corner. While we ensure that your luggage is safe and secure, there are some situations that are beyond our control like theft. So here are some precautionary tips that you can apply when travelling with luggage.


Luggage Stored in the Compartment of the Bus

  • When you hand over your luggage to the driver make sure that he attaches a strip to the suitcase and hands you a receipt.
  • Make sure YOU see that your suitcase or bag is loaded into the compartment hold, and remember where it was placed.
  • If the bus makes stops along the way, make sure to be attentive and vigilant of the people getting off the bus, to ensure they don’t take off with your luggage.
  • If possible, put name tags on yours as well as your children or spouses luggage.

Hand Luggage

Luggage sfety at the airport

  • Make sure that all your important documents such as your passport or valuables are stored in your hand luggage, DO NOT LEAVE them in your suitcase.
  • Store your hand luggage safely in the compartment above your seat or on the ground between your legs.
  • During food stops, ensure that you take your hand luggage with into the shop, as it has all your important documents
  • During the trip, more especially if you are travelling alone, do not leave your hand luggage unattended when using the toilet aboard the bus. Rather take it with you. It may seem like a good idea to ask the passenger in the next seat to look after it for you but remember that this could be a huge risk on your part.


Follow these simple steps, and we will take care of the rest. We at Citiliner/Greyhound want to ensure that our passengers have a smooth trip at all times and that means giving our passengers tips on how to look after their luggage at all times.  With that being said, book your ticket today, visit www.citiliner.co.za /www.greyhound.co.za or call us on 011 611 8000

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