10 Reasons why South Africa is an Unbelievable Winter Holiday Destination

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winter holiday

It’s here.

Winter holiday is around the corner, trees have shed their leaves and now stand dormant, waiting for spring to come. People everywhere have swopped their summer wardrobes for winter ones and there’s the smell of soup and fresh, crisp air hanging around most places. Winter has arrived and we’re feeling particularly inspired to provide you with reasons why South Africa is just the perfect winter holiday destination.

  1. South Africa has reasonably fair weather year round. Even during the winter holiday, temperatures in the cities rarely drop below a balmy 22 degrees.
  2. There are a few amazing lodges nestled in the Drakensberg in particular that’ll make for a romantic, cosy holiday. Fireplace included.
  3. You can experience snowy winter holiday in South Africa if you know where to go. Of course, we can just tell you. So, psst-psst, the secret’s out. Tiffindell and Afrisiki are two honest to goodness ski lodges where locals can try their hand or foot at various winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding and more.
  4. Coaches rarely get delayed due to adverse weather conditions so you can rest assured that you’ll reach your holiday destination just fine.
  5. The weather on the beaches are divine. You can simply roll out a blanket and spend your days lazing in the son.
  6. You don’t have to pack heavy luggage when going on holiday. No need for three scarves, a beanie, parka, thermal underwear and a poloneck sweater. South Africans can get by with fairly lightweight items of clothing when pack for winter.
  7. We have some down-right unique soup flavours and some of the world’s best restaurants available to try it. How does mushroom and biltong soup sound?
  8. Winter is just the perfect time to go on a game drive. Pilanesberg, for example, claims that winter is a fabulous time to see the lions. Just picture going on a game drive, wrapped in a travel blanket and the sound of wildlife all around. Mmm, you’ve got to love South Africa.
  9. Winter is a good time to go paragliding in Cape Town and paragliding is the best way to see Lion’s Head and Signal Hill.
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  10. Someone say coffee? There’s nothing like a steaming mug of creamy, roasted goodness on a cool winter’s morning. South Africa has some of the premier cafes to indulge in a cup of java. We would recommend you visit the steampunk emporium, Truth Coffee or taste the revolutionary coffee in a cone at The Grind Coffee Company situated in Melrose Arch


There’s absolutely no reason to hide out inside during the winter holiday when there’s so much you can see and experience in South Africa! Why not take the Greyhound coach to Durban to defrost or to Cape Town to try that yummy coffee we mentioned a few seconds ago.

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