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There are few natural scenes more spectacular than Namaqualand with its blanket of colourful flowers spreading for kilometres. As we bid the summer adieu, we thought we would take you on a tour through Namaqualand before the winter blues get to you.

The Namaqualand Flower Route starts roughly 5 hours north of Cape Town however you can already see evidence of the flowers in Cape Town and Postberg. The most rewarding view of this stunning natural occurance can be seen in Garies, Springbok, Port Nolloth and Kamieskroon.

We would urge travellers to pay a visit to the local tourist information bureau to find out where the best flower displays are. With approximately 4 000 different species of plant seeds germinating during July and October the view changes every time and one never knows what flowers might come forth.

It simply can’t be fully appreciated and taken in by an hour long visit; you need at least a couple of days to satisfy your soul. The image painted before you will never be wiped from your mind or eyes. There are several overnight options and nature reserves to see, many photos to be taken.

Visitors will melt into one with nature as they hike through the Flower Route, a fulfilling travel experience. Bring a picnic basket and enjoy a morning amongst flowers and animals in the Goegap Nature Reserve.


Where to find the best view of the stunning Namaqualand flower show


Skilpad Wild Flower Reserve
Greyhound Busses
Goegap Nature Reserve
Greyhound Busses
Namaqaland Nature Reserve
 Greyhound Busses
Biedouw valley
Greyhound Busses


The people of Namaqualand are friendly, welcoming and every visitor and guest is treated like a king and queen. Each chalet and B&B hosts guests in a warm, welcoming and unique environment. If you are looking for a place to stay overnight, SafariNow has a great selection.


Tips for viewing the Namaqualand Wild Flowers:

The flower peak season is between early August and late September.

Wild flowers start flowering in Late July/early August.

The flowers look at their best between 10:30 and 16:00.

Flowers won’t look as spectacular during overcast or rainy days, so try to plan your tour on a sunny day.

Travel with the sun behind you as the view of the flowers are better if the flowers are facing you.

You are not allowed to pick the flowers during walking tours.

Greyhound Busses

Greyhound Busses


It is wise to start planning your trip in advance. Don’t leave your transportation out of the equation. Travel with Greyhound in a luxurious, safe and comfortable manner. Book your ticket now. 


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