The Luxury Liner

Since 1984 we’ve brought you South Africa’s favourite luxury coach solution, connecting cities as old the country itself and towns as brilliantly curious as the cultures that connect us.

Now, every year we transport 804 293 passengers over 25 million km of road, traveling across a comprehensive network of Southern African tar. So, whether you’re looking for a luxury bus from Johannesburg to Cape Town, from Durban to Pretoria, we have you covered; yes, from the Cape to Harare, from the Natal to Maputo, from the hills of the Transkei to the golden fields of the Free State (via most villages, dorpies and towns) we have you luxuriously covered.

Without doubt, there’s a reason we’re South Africa’s favourite. When luxury yearns for affordability, our liners shine the brightest: We are the most luxurious bussing solution this side of equator, available with Dreamliners built to 5-star specifications and an experience defined by professionalism, punctuality and good ol’ fashioned politeness.

As the leading solution for luxury bus bookings in South Africa, the question is, where can Greyhound take you?

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