Tips on planning your Mid-Year Road trip

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The winter holiday is just around the corner meaning this is the perfect time to take your road trips. Road trips are more about the scenery rather than reaching a destination and South Africa’s fantastic vistas look at its best during Autumn.

Don’t know where to begin? Here are a few tips on planning your mid-year road trip.


Plan your itinerary

Although roadtrips on movies look impulsive and adventurous, in real life, you need to plan or risk getting lost and not in an inspiring I’ve-overcome-my-existential-period way. If you are a few people travelling together, try to decide on a destination that will satisfy everyone. Don’t limit your attractions to water parks but try to fit a variety of things to see and do in your itinerary. The whole point of a trip is seeing the world and everything unusual in it.

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Sort out the finances

You need to have some money to carry you through the trip, accommodation, food, bus tickets or petrol, entrance fees to attractions. If you have planned your itinerary, now is probably the time you are going to start purging those attractions and sorting out how far your money can take you.


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Start booking in advance

Nothing is worse than driving around at 10pm looking for a place to stay. Unless you want to sleep in the car or end up in some creepy B&B, you need to  book in advance. If you are riding with Greyhound, however, you can sleep on board while the driver gets you to where you need to be.


Greyhound Busses

Make clever use of apps

Thanks to the digital age, there is an app for everything. If you have a problem, the solution will be found in an app. Apps such as Tripadvisor and Couchsurfing for example, will help you plan your itinerary and accommodation effortlessly.


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Make sure your car is roadworthy

Obviously a road trip entails being on the road for long hours on end so you need to ensure your car is in top shape. However, if you are afraid of driving long distances or fear your car won’t make it, then you can always book your bus ticket with Greyhound and travel safely and comfortably.


There you go, you are on your way to road tripping fun! Stay safe, play the good music and enjoy the beauty of South Africa showcased at its best.


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