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Spring may be around the corner but the threat of flu is still around. The quickest way we become ill is not through cold weather but rather through germs. Let’s face it, germs are everywhere in the public and not only do we need to take precautions on public transport but in every aspects of our lives.

Here are a few tips on staying germ-free while travelling on a bus. While some of these might sound rudimentary and obvious, you would be surprised how easily forget these tips when our daily lives take over.

Wash your hands

We touch everything with our hands thus it’s vital we wash them before we board and after.

Avoid touching your eyes and nose

In touching our eyes and nose we transfer the germs on our hands onto ourselves consequently making us sick. Although this is an unconscious tick, you have to half train yourself to stop touching your face, eyes and nose.

Carry hand sanitizer or wipes on you

We don’t always have access to water and soap everywhere we go so hand sanitizer is a beautiful invention. You can squirt a bit on your hands every now and again ensuring your hands remain clean throughout your journey. You can use sanitizing wipes to wipe down bars, your seat and any other surface you touch.

Cough and sneeze into your elbow

You’re not the only one who doesn’t want to get sick, don’t share your germs. We automatically cover our nose and mouths with our hands when sneezing thus transferring germs onto your hands. However, when you sneeze and cough into your elbow the germs go onto your clothes and not hands.

Keep tissues close

Buy yourself a small packet of tissues to use and keep at hand when the passenger beside you sneezes and don’t have one handy. Sharing is caring.

Build up your immune system

Load up on Vitamin C throughout winter. Indulge in oranges, naartjies, strawberries and so forth. If you don’t like fruit, you can drink a vitamin C supplement. Bring some orange juice with you on the bus as well.

Now you have the basic weapons to shield yourself against flu season and all the germs that comes with it.


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