Travel hacks you need to know before you prepare to go on holiday

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Travel hacks you need to know before you prepare to go on holiday

There’s nothing like an ingenious hack to make things easier in life and you’d be surprised how the simplest adjustment can make the biggest difference, especially when packing. Allow Greyhound to share some travel hacks you need to know before you prepare to go on holiday.

  1. Roll your clothes, don’t fold them. This neat trick (mind the pun) will save you a lot of luggage space.
  2. Bring your own water bottle. This way, you can fill it with any clean water source and stay hydrate throughout your holiday without having to spend a cent. Freezing your water will also ensure you keep cool on hot days.
  3. If you’re staying at self-catering accommodation, stock up on the essentials at a grocery store after you’ve arrived at your holiday destination.
  4. Book your Greyhound bus ticket in advance.
  5. If you’re packing jewellery, place them between to sheets of plastic wrap to keep them from moving around or your necklaces from tangling.
  6. Use pill containers to store your earrings, lip balm and so forth.
  7. Keep your shoes inside a shower cap.
  8. Place delicate objects that may break inside socks.
  9. Keep all of your hairpins in a little tic tac container.
  10. When packing your toiletries, take a small plastic wrap square, unscrew your bottles, place the plastic over the bottles and screw the lids back on. This way you will prevent leaks.
  11. Research your holiday destinatoin and look for attractions with free entry.
  12. Remember, you can use Dropbox to store and share all of your travel pictures and videos.
  13. If you have a smartphone with a nice camera use that camera instead of packing one.
  14. Make lists for everything.
  15. Lock your luggage and label them very clearly.
  16. Check out our discouts on and see where you can score before you book your tickets.
  17. Hide your valuables in different places.
  18. Make your own travel-sized toiletries instead of packing large bottles.
  19. Save up to book a seat on our Dreamliner where you will be able to travel in comfort, charge your phone and take advantage of excellent entertainment provided by our on board system, Movies on the move.


We hope that a few of these tips will make planning for and enjoying your holiday a lot easier. Have more travel tips to share with us? Hit us up on Facebook for more travel tips, updates and fun ideas.

Don’t forget to visit our website, explore our route map and book your tickets now to avoid disappointment.

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