Travel Johannesburg to  Maputo and Maputo to Johannesburg on the Greyhound Double Decker!

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Great news for all our Greyhound fans out there, you can now travel from Johannesburg to Maputo and Maputo to Johannesburg on the Greyhound Double Decker! Yes, you read right! Our night service has changed from a Citiliner to a Greyhound Double Decker!

The Greyhound Double decker departs from Maputo to Johannesburg at 18:30 and Johannesburg to Maputo at 22:00 daily, yes, Monday to Sunday! Travel in more luxury and comfort onboard the Greyhound Double Decker.

So, what does that mean for you, our passengers?


  1. More Comfort on the Double Decker

The Greyhound Double Decker offers more luxury, more space and therefore more comfort!

With a 2:2 seating layout, the Greyhound Double Decker has more space than the Citiliner. The Comfortline seats recline, are more spacious and have more legroom which means you can sit back, relax and enjoy your journey to Maputo.


There are 14 seats downstairs and 52 seats upstairs with individual USB charging ports, tray tables, air conditioning and heating to keep you comfortable while onboard. While we do urge you to use the toilets at our pit stops. there is a toilet onboard for you in case of an emergency.

Travel Johannesburg to  Maputo and Maputo to Johannesburg on the Greyhound Double Decker!


  1. Keep Entertained on your journey to Maputo

Possibly one of the most exciting features on the Double Decker service is that you will now be able to use your cell phone to stream movies straight to your device with our Movies-On-Demand service! You will now get hours of entertainment at your fingertips! With over 75 movies to choose from while on your journey to Maputo or Johannesburg! Plus, with our onboard USB charging ports, your entertainment will last the entire journey!


To connect to this service, simply follow the steps below:


  1. Turn your Wi-Fi on
  2. Connect to Greyhound/Citiliner Plus on The Move
  3. Open your internet browser
  4. In the top bar, type the following:
  5. The Movies On Demand page will appear, revealing a selection of movies.
  6. Select your movie
  7. Sit back, relax and enjoy.


  1. Safety onboard the Double Decker

As with all our busses, safety is a priority and something we pride ourselves on. As a premium bus service, you’re guaranteed the best of the best when it comes to safety, safe driving and all-round high safety standards. Click here to read 6 must know safety facts if you are travelling with Greyhound

Travel Johannesburg to  Maputo and Maputo to Johannesburg on the Greyhound Double Decker!

So, there you have it, all you need to know about the Greyhound Double Decker that will be transporting you on the Johannesburg to Maputo and Maputo to Johannesburg night service. For more information such as what documentation you need to travel cross border, read


To get your quote, send us a message on Facebook or Twitter or call us on 011 611 8000 or 087 352 0352 or visit your nearest Greyhound Terminal (link to terminals blog).

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