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If you enjoy exploring new places while spending as little as possible, and  traveling comfortable in reclining seats and safely-sound luxury, while resting easy on the most premium fleet of them all – the Greyhound fleet – you should probably consider joining the club. You know, our club, the Greyhound Loyalty Club – the best points-earning traveling club around that earns you points and free tickets for just being a regular traveller and choosing us.

Yes, members of the Greyhound Loyalty Club can earn points as they travel and can then use those points to purchase free tickets. Why? Because we treat our members like coach-going gold, that’s why. And yes, it just so happens that you can be a member too if you sign up today. Here’s how it works:

Greyhound BussesStep 1. Apply to join the Greyhound Loyalty Club.

Step 2. Travel with Greyhound.

Step 3. Collect and redeem those points!

Different tickets bought earn an amount of travelling points (see below) and you can then use those points to purchase a free ticket. It’s that easy! And makes sense too, doesn’t it? Because what’s better than travelling with Greyhound? Oh yes, travelling with Greyhound for free! Now, you can finally see Southern Africa without busting your budget. You’re welcome.


Allocation of points:

Ticket Price Points
R 0 – R 49 10
R 50 – R 99 20
R 100 – R 149 30
R 150 – R 199 40
R 200 – R 249 50
R 250 – R 299 60
R 300 – R 349 70
R 350 – R 399 80
R 400 – R 449 90
R 450 – R 499 100
R 500 – R Plus R 500 – R Plus 110


Points value:

Points What can you get?
250 points 1 Free ticket worth up to R 199.00
400 points 1 Free ticket worth up to R 399.00
800 points 1 Free ticket worth up to R 599.00
1,200 points 1 Free ticket worth up to R 799.00
1,600 points 1 Free ticket worth up to R 999.00


To join the Greyhound Loyalty Club today, check out club/ and get collecting!


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Greyhound BussesGreyhound Busses