Ultimate list of Travel Tips for Solo Female Travellers

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It’s time to celebrate the women in our lives and what better way to do so than to compile a list of travel tips for female travellers. All of these travel tips are aimed at making the holiday experience for ladies run so much smoother.

  1. When choosing accommodation, choose something small. The bigger the hotel, the bigger the opportunity for danger.
  2. Keeping tip no. 1 in mind, try to locate accommodation situated in a well-trafficked area.
  3. Keep your room number and private details, well, private.
  4. Try to book a room close to the elevator or stairs.
  5. Call housekeeping before hanging a “please make up this room” sign. You don’t want to draw attention to your holiday routine.
  6. Hide your valuables in a safe or in a safe location.
  7. Make sure you’re familiar with your surroundings before wandering off into the unknown.
  8. Keep a map of your location close by.
  9. Avoid wearing flashy jewellery.
  10. Research dangerous areas or ask your concierge for a few local tips.
  11. Divide your money for purchases so as not to flash a wad of cash about.
  12. If you need to ask for directions, approach families or women with children.
  13. If you’d like to add an extra measure of security, tell them you’re meeting your husband or brother at the location you are asking directions for.
  14. Be sure to lock all of your suitcases.
  15. Put your foot through the strap of your handbag when you’re in a restaurant.
  16. Always have the police on speed dial.
  17. Travel with a friend if possible, it’s safer and more fun that way.
  18. Determine the rough times when the sun rises and sets in your holiday location.
  19. If you’re looking for accommodation through Airbnb or Coach Surfing, only consider places with a lot of good reviews.
  20. Make sure someone at home is aware of your itinerary and try to stay in touch at least once a day. Try to check in at the same time every day.
  21. We know this may be difficult but try to pack as a light as possible, it’ll make travelling easier for you.
  22. Be sure to keep copies of your important documents with you at all times. Many women have lost their lives through a stolen handbag.
  23. Store extra cash in the bottom of a tampon or pad box.
  24. To contradict rule number 9, sometimes it helps to wear a fake wedding ring, especially when dining alone. Keeps from attracting unwanted attention from the opposite sex.
  25. Dress unobtrusively. Sometimes it’s worth hiding your killer legs to avoid unwanted attention. 😉

Now you have a lot of travel tips to ensure your next holiday goes down without a glitch. Greyhound takes care of its passengers and we do our best to create a stress-free journey for all who board our coaches. Pick a route, book your ticket and go somewhere special to celebrate this Mother’s Day.

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