Your ultimate travel guide – Worcester

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If you travel just far enough on Route 62, you’ll stumble upon the fair town of Worcester, a treasure chest of the world’s finest wines.

Surrounded by lush valleys and mountains, all those who visit will find a kind of peace the likes of which they’ve never experienced before.

In the mood for a holiday to this gorgeous destination yet? Hop on board and let’s take you through the town of Worcester with the ultimate travel guide.

What to do

Desert Gardens

Apart from the fact that you’re visiting one of the premier wine locations in the Cape, you’re also close to the august Karoo Desert. Pay a visit to the Karoo Desert National Botanical Garden to see a variety of South Africa’s desert and semi desert plants spread in one location.

Wine Tasting in Worcester

We’ve mentioned the wine and we’ll mention it again. Worcester is riddles with amazing wine tasting experiences. Aan De Doorns, Alvi’s Drift Wines and the Botha Wine Cellar are good places to start.

River cruise – De Breede Otter

There’s no better way to explore the Breede River than on a relaxing river cruise with friends and family. Pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back and enjoy your surroundings.

Fairy Glen

Fairy Glen is a game lodge with many stories to share. Experience a journey into the wild and acquaint yourself with the Big 5 in a way you never have before. Mountain leopards roam free in the mountains of Fairy Glen.

Where to stay

Fairy Glen Private Game Reserve

Find Me

Aan de Doorns Guest House

Find Me

Audrey’s Vineyard Cottage

Find Me

Where to eat

Daly Bread

What to order: While this is not a restaurant per se we do urge you to buy one of their freshly baked artisan breads.

Café Hugo

What to order: Lunch would be a good time to visit this quant café. We recommend the sandwiches.


What to order: Something meaty and grilled.


Things to know about Worcester

There are approximately 18 wine cellars, three wine estates and several brandy distilleries in Worcester.

There are 21 estates listed as part of the Worcester wine route and most cellars were founded as far back as the 1940s.

The weather is Worcester is moderate on an average basis however this location experiences cold winters. The average high temperature in summer is 25 degrees and the average high during winter is 17 degrees.

If you’re lucky when visiting Worcester in the winter you may experience some snow.

Best route to get there

Cape Town – Bloemfontein – Johannesburg – Pretoria

Pretoria – Johannesburg – Bloemfontein – Cape Town

Durban – Bloemfontein – Cape Town

Cape Town – Kimberley – Johannesburg – Pretoria

Pretoria – Johannesburg – Kimberley – Cape Town

Cape Town – Bloemfontein – Durban


If you’d like to visit Worcester, you know how to get there. Pick a route, book your ticket, pack your bags and get ready for a lovely experience. We create memories on the way.


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