Visit these 5 small town wonders with Greyhound

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Here at Greyhound, we travel far and wide delivering exceptional service to as many corners of South Africa as possible.

And, as the most luxurious bus service in South Africa, it’s only our pleasure to do so. No destination is too far, none too wide, and we do our best to bring our industry-leading service to as many small South African towns as possible.

Here then are five of those brilliant little places and a salute of them.

  1. Butterworth, Eastern Cape

    Visit these 5 small town wonders with Greyhound

Situated just inland of the Wild Coast, Butterworth is a small-town gem that sits within the hills of the ever-majestic Transkei. First established in 1827, it is a historical town with an intriguing past, and is deeply rooted in South African history. Now, its nearby waterfalls – the tumbling cascades of Gcuwa Falls and the impressive 100m drop at Bowa Falls – are two must-see spots if you’re heading through. Travel from Port Elizabeth to Butterworth from R510.00


  1. White River, Mpumalanga

Situated just 20 minutes north of Nelspruit’s Greyhound stop is the sumptuous little farming town of White River. Interestingly, its name finds its roots in the Swazi word, Emanzimhlope, which means ‘White Waters’.

Now, it’s a brilliant little holiday stop, especially for those on their way to the Kruger. The Kruger National Park is must-visit for safari lovers the world over and there’s little wonder why White River is a good starting point.

  1. Empangeni, Kwa Zulu Natal

Visit these 5 small town wonders with Greyhound

Situated 160km north of Durban, Empangeni is ideally positioned in the hilly countryside of the Uthungulu district. The areas around it bring to mind sweet-sweet sugarcane and warm, enjoyable and relaxed days.

Brilliantly, it happens to find itself just 15 km from Richards Bay too, which itself boasts its fair share of beautiful east coast beaches. But, if you’re not in the mood for the drive, rest assured that Empangeni retains its small-town charm and hospitable character. Book your Greyhound bus ticket from Durban to Empangeni from R345.00


  1. Komani, Eastern Cape with Greyhound 

Komani is a town situated in the beating heart of the Eastern Cape and is an integral stop on many Greyhound routes. But, did you know that its former nickname was the ‘Rose Capital of South Africa’? Interesting!

Now, as a vibrant and important commercial hub for the surrounding farms and towns, we sometimes forget that Komani happens to find itself in one of the most beautiful and untouched regions of Africa – the unspoiled and beautiful Eastern Cape.

  1. Mossel Bay, Western Cape with Greyhound 

Visit these 5 small town wonders with Greyhound

It’s hard to pick a small town in the Western Cape that we don’t all love already, but this one is an especially significant stop on Greyhound’s many routes. It’s situated at the start of the famous Garden Route – or end, depending on which way you’re travelling.

Regardless, Mossel Bay is an obvious seaside beauty that boasts an intriguing history: Did you know that its human history can be traced back for as far as 164 000 years? Fascinating! Book your Greyhound bus ticket to Mossel Bay from R535.00

Well, there you have it – 5 small town wonders that you can explore with Greyhound whenever the travel bug bites. And what better way to do it? As the coach service that offers leading luxurious bus travel across South Africa, it just makes sense.

So, go on. Explore with us – a big town or small! Book your bus tickets today at or call us on 011 611 8000 | 087 352 0352.

Happy travels!




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