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Dude, where’s my Greyhound bus?

November and December are some of the busiest months in the bus and coach transport industries. This is the period when many South Africans dash to bus terminals to get to their loved ones for a well-deserved break and some quality time. This surge in passengers does require a lot more risk management and provisions to be put in place. Thus, Greyhound does what it can to accommodate every passenger who books a ticket, even when there aren’t enough Greyhound buses around.

Greyhound is part of the Unitrans group which is the umbrella company for other major bus and coach as well as other transport services in South Africa, such as Mega Coach, Mega Bus and Citiliner to name a few.

This broadens Greyhound’s horizons when they experience a sudden influx in ticket bookings.

Greyhound was the first luxury coach operator to start an intercity scheduled service as far back as 1984. They now carry more than 1.4 million passengers year over 25 million km.

Greyhound recently introduced the Dreamliner which is the first coach of its type in Africa. The Dreamliner offers passengers a Business-class section on the lower deck and is built to 5-star specifications and features. This no doubt helped with managing higher passenger numbers, but not nearly enough.

Their solution? To employ other coaches from Unitrans’ fleets.

Nothing sparks confusion quite like booking your trip with Greyhound and having to board, for instance, a Mega Coach bus. Thus, we would like to assure you that the buses we use, regardless of branding are of the highest standard that you would expect from any Greyhound coach.

When choosing stand-in buses to transport the nation’s holiday goers, we make sure that they match the class and quality of the bus they had booked. Chances are that it will be the same bus with different branding.

Remember to book your tickets early if you plan on going away for the festive period. Tickets can be booked here https://greyhound.co.za

Our comprehensive intercity network covers all the major cities in South Africa as well as Harare, Bulawayo in Zimbabwe and Maputo in Mozambique. On all our services the emphasis is always on safety and comforts at affordable fares.

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