Why travelling by bus is a safer option.

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Safety on the roads is one of the biggest issues facing South Africa at the moment, and results in countless deaths each year. The problems on the road are caused by a number of factors, from drunk or tired drivers, general fatigue and mechanical failure, to negligent driving and hazardous road conditions.
Travelling in a bus may, for some obvious reasons seem safer than being in a car, For one, its bigger, so you wouldn’t expect the same dangers as you would in a smaller vehicle. However that doesn’t mean that there aren’t hazards. This is why it is imperative to wear a seatbelt and perform all of the necessary checks when stepping into any sort of vehicle, no matter the size, or the distance you will be travelling. It should also be noted that the number of accidents that take place on the roads that involve busses is minute compared to those involving cars and smaller vehicles.
Larger bus coach companies like Greyhound have professional drivers on all of their routes, which means that you will be in the best possible hands throughout your trip. However, there are a lot of things that may happen along the way, not all of them related to the safety of the vehicle itself that you can safeguard yourself against, and it is always recommended that you take these precautions in order to make your trip as pleasant as possible.
For instance, if you’re travelling in a bus that has luggage storage in an undercarriage, make sure your bags are well marked with your contact details, and that they are securely locked in case of theft. If the luggage compartments are overhead, make sure to keep your luggage close by, and keep an eye on it at all times, if possible.
These factors make it obvious that choosing bus travel is both safer and more convenient for anyone wanting to travel long distances. Having more space available to you to roam, as well as not being put under pressure to drive (having a professional driver doing all of the hard work for you) are only some of the reasons why many people prefer bus travel to other methods.
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