Woza December! 4 Greyhound holiday destinations for students

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Students! The holidays are nearly here! After a year of hard graft and countless books, it’s no wonder you’re as relieved for a relaxing holiday as we are to take you there. Woza Dezemba – woza relaxation!

Here at Greyhound, where you can buy luxurious bus tickets this December at 10% discounted price using your student card, we’re all about that holiday-loving relaxation. That’s why we boast a fleet of luxurious Dreamliners, Double Deckers and Single Deckers to take you there with industry-leading leading space and comfort.

Only one question really remains then before the year ends. Where to? Here are four stellar destinations to consider.

  1. Cape Town. A wine farm or two?

Woza December! 4 Greyhound holiday destinations for students

There is so much to do in Cape Town that there’s little wonder that you can’t decide either. From the most magical beaches on the continent to mountain hikes, from a night-out on Kloof to the Waterfront. Where, where, where?

Well, relax. Choose the Dreamliner, the most luxurious bus in South Africa, and spread out in large memory foam seats that recline to 150 to relax. Take a nap. When you wake again, refreshed, your mind will be made up: A wine farm tour it is! A student paradise!


  1. Students, it’s finally time to learn how to surf!

Woza December! 4 Greyhound holiday destinations for students

To put it in the most South African way that we can, this Dezemba in Durban will be jiving! It’s never shy of a beachside party and the selection is endless – you decide…

But, perhaps this is the time to really challenge yourself – surf style! So, come on, buy yourself a Greyhound ticket and get down there. Johannesburg to Durban is one of our most popular routes and on the Dreamliner you can relax your body while preparing the mind: It’s time to get paddling in those waves.

  1. Port Elizabeth! Surf? Pfft. I’d rather stretch out on the sand and take in the sun!

Woza December! 4 Greyhound holiday destinations for students

The Eastern Cape is South Africa’s gem when it comes to golden beach days – if it isn’t howling with the wind that is! The water is not too hot, not too cold – the perfect mix required for lazy beach days. Perfect.

So, why not this then? Get on down to Port Elizabeth the most relaxing way that you know how – the Greyhound way – and get yourself to the beach. Remember those umbrellas and sunblock though! And hope that the wind stays away…

  1. An international party on the beaches of Mozambique? Right on.

Woza Dezemba! 4 holiday destinations for students these holidays

Maputo is not only a thriving hub of eclectic awesomeness, but it’s also the gateway to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, south and north! For a student who enjoys a good party or two, it’s also an affordable trip to make. Greyhound Double Decker recently replaced the Citiliner night service to Maputo! So, travel through the night departing from Johannesburg at 22:00PM, rest easy and wake up in Maputo the following day at 07:45!

The trip to Mozambique is cross borders so remember those passports and make sure they’re valid! It’s time to get those feet in the sand and move to the music.


So there you have it! Four stellar destinations for students this December, to relax, to explore, to party! Wherever you end up going, make sure that your journey there is the most luxurious it can be.

Book early for the best prices! To view available tickets right now, visit greyhound.co.za or call us on 0116118000 or 0873520352.

Happy holidays!

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