The year of the luxury! Greyhound, a new Dreamliner and 8 milestones we achieved in 2017

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Can you believe it? Just like that, before we barely had a chance to savour it, 2017 is done and dusted. Over at Greyhound, we’re wondering where all the time went and as we do so, we’re celebrating our achievements and thanking our customers. Yes, you! After all, anything we achieved in 2017 was all thanks to you and your need for the best coaches and best service year after year. Well then, here’s to another! Here’s to 2018.
But, before we get going, join us for a moment while we reminisce. 2017 was a huge success and we’d like to recount some of our accomplishments and give thanks where thanks is due. Spolier alert – you get thanked a lot! What more can we say? You’re the best.

1. Ground-breaking Dreamliner reaches new level of luxury
Perhaps the highlight of 2017 was the most luxurious touch of the year and testament to our outrageous push towards bussing perfection. Yes, the all-new Greyhound Dreamliner Coach hit the roads last year and it’s redefining how we travel on tar.
With pristine wooden floors, and offered with complimentary refreshments*, the new Dreamliner is what traveling dreams are made of. An innovative seating layout (which really allows you to stretch those legs) includes memory foam padding for the executive traveller, which recline to 150 degrees and allows you to charge your devices whether you have booked upstairs or downstairs. It is 5-star comfort best experienced with a little nap (we think) so stretch-out, relax and close those eyes. Before you do though, have a peep at the new Dreamliner right here.

2. Remember the Aygo? Well, somebody won it!
You’ll remember our life-changing Win-A-Car competition for two reasons: One, for the cheeky, cheerful and cherry-red Toyota Aygo you could win, and two, for your wishes and prayers that you would win it! Well, you’ll be happy to know that someone lucky did, and that someone is now probably enjoying an adventure road trip of a lifetime somewhere mesmerising. Lucky fish! No doubt, we sincerely wish them a safe, snazzy and seriously cool year in their new Aygo and dream to one day inherit some of their lucky star dust. If only…

Greyhound Busses3. Eastern Cape’s new bussing hub: Our Komani (Queenstown) Office!
2017 was the year of new offices too, and a new level of convenience. Yes, the Cape got a new office and this one is conveniently located in the in the heart of the Eastern Cape – the urban hub of the historical and brilliant Komani, once known as Queenstown. Yes, if you’re looking for a Greyhound office near you – and you happen to be near Komani, well, pop-on-in and book your tickets today. It’s just another way we’re adding value and convenience to the area, while helping you!

Greyhound Busses4. New route alert! The Zimbabwe Dreamliner Route.
In September we were proud to launch the Dreamliner Route to Zimbabwe, which, you’ll be unsurprised to know is the first of its luxury kind in coach-going Southern Africa. Traveling from Johannesburg to Bulawayo and Johannesburg to Harare, it arrived as the talk of the bussing town. Why? Experiencing cross-border luxury has never before been so vivid, and it’s a clarity of travel smoother and more refined than anything else out there. It was a pleasure to launch it and it will, no doubt, be a pleasure to continue it throughout 2018 and beyond! Bring on the luxury.

5. The Durban Direct Express – quick, convenient and comfy.
Jo’burg-Durban travellers were ecstatic when we announced the new Durban Direct Express route, which immediately became the quickest and most luxurious tar-going solution to Durban (and back again). For those not interested in time-consuming and round-about stops, it is the one for you. As always, when you suggested it, we understood and delivered.
This new afternoon-only service is offered between Johannesburg and Durban only, and runs on Fridays and Sundays.

6. Greyhound’s Movies-on-the-Move
Yes, it was a great year for entertainment too and we welcomed our revolutionary new entertainment system, Movies-on-the-Move, which allows passengers to connect to our on-board Wi-Fi through their phones, tablets or laptops, and select any one of 50 movies to enjoy while traveling. It was the most innovative solution out there, and, as the most innovative bus service provider, it made sense to adopt it for the benefit of our travellers.
No more lonely trips, we say. Just romantic ones, or action ones, or comedic ones, or thrilling ones or dramatic ones. That’s Movies-on-the-Move for you! It’s your choice, exclusive from The People’s Choice.

7. New number, same brilliant service
Yes, towards the end of 2017 we had to change our contact number and we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. But here again to clarify, we have changed our Call Centre number and this is it: 087 352 0352. It’s charged according to your unique service provider. Oh yes, and just so you know – on the other side is someone friendly and ready to be of service.

8. Ever popular, our Facebook followers are through the roof!
We don’t like to brag about it, but this year our Facebook likes jumped by nearly 12,000 and that there is surely awesome enough to insert an emoji-face with a cool set of sunglasses right here. But, as always, we only have you to thank you for it and we absolutely appreciate your comments and messages when you post them – so please, keep them coming. Send one today, why don’t you? Certainly, we’d love to hear from you throughout 2018 so if you need anything, please give us a Facebook shout.

Let’s travel through 2018 together! Book your tickets online at or call our 24hrs Customer Care/Reservations: 011 611 8000 | 087 352 0352

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